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    Wonderful writing from some of our fellow sailors’ blogs & websites (listed by boat). Some sail solo, some sail with *kids!


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    Some favorite external links: resources for surf, weather, cruising, distance learning, and fun!


    • StormsurfSurf forecasts and reports, wave models, and marine weather
    • NOAA National WeatherNOAA National Weather Service (USA)
    • MetVuw WeatherNew Zealand (and South Pacific) weather and climate service
    • MetServiceanother great weather source from New Zealand for the South Pacific region
    • MetBobthe well-known weather guru Bob McDavitt’s “ideas for sailing around the South Pacific” among other handy gems
    • NRL MontereyUS Naval Research Laboratory satellite meteorology
    • Windyty Wind Forecastworldwide wind forecasts on a mesmerizing site


    • Sailing Anarchyan often-irreverent site that tells is like it is, no holds barred, presenting the sport of sailing “topics, ideas and, critiques that have never been written about before. Anywhere.”
    • Pressure Dropa site dedicated to anything sailing and sailors everywhere on the planet
    • Noonsite: Global CruisingLots of info for global cruising sailors, most visited for its piracy updates!


    • Blair Boats —The shop of master New Zealand boatbuilder, David Blair, who, with Joe, originally built Shanachie as a wee lad of 23 (and then, 17 years later, masterminded her amazing new scoop)
    • Ballenger Spar Systems —Owner Buzz Ballenger, the foremost mast fabricator on the West Coast
    • Svendsen’s Marine —Our favorite marine supply store
    • Lifestyle Canvas and Sails —A qualified sail and canvas maker who does beautiful work—highly recommended


    • PatentWearOur own online t-shirt design business... why not “slip into a little bit of history” with authentic patents as wearable art?!
    • Kite Club HawaiiTHE place to go in Kailua, Hawaii for all your kite boarding needs: instruction, gear rental and sales, and “Ohana by Aloha”
    • Laurel Springs SchoolThe accredited K-12 distance learning school that we used for our daughter’s 11th grade school year
    • GeocachingA fun activity for everyone, especially cruisers who routinely find themselves in exotic locations