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Welcome aboard the website of our sailing vessel, Shanachie. Here you'll find the story of the U.S. Documented wooden sailboat that we* originally built and launched in Santa Cruz, California—along with some of the adventures we’ve had together on magical journeys throughout the Pacific.

Dive in wherever you wish. We hope you enjoy the cruise…


Bakayaro Boatworks logo illustration by Lori Lambertson
Bakayaro Boatworks logo illustration by Lori Lambertson

*Bakayaro Boatworks, the company formed by Joe McKeown to build Shanachie

Shanachie is FOR SALE!

We’ve now made the difficult decision to put our lovely vessel Shanachie on the market. During our time together, she has carried us safely over more than 35,000 nautical miles throughout the Pacific and west coasts of Canada, the U.S., and Mexico. She’s carried us to countless magical places we would never have otherwise known, and brought cherished lifelong friends into our lives from many different countries. Although it is now time for us to move on, the memories with which Shanachie has forever enriched our lives will never be forgotten. We know there is someone out there who will love her as much as we always have, and that she will return the favor sevenfold...

Detailed Downloadable PDFs (US Letter or A4 layout):



What Pro Sailors Say...

• Skip Allan:

“I can say that in my many years of sailing I have rarely seen such a fine example of no compromise yacht design that is both elegant in looks, functional in execution, and moves through the water with grace and efficiency.”

~ Skip Allan | S/V WILDFLOWER

Skip Allan-full statement.pdf


• Brian Caldwell:

“Shanachie was an absolute pleasure to deliver from Fiji to New Zealand and I would envy anyone in a position to allocate this proven go-anywhere steed. She‘s a true balance of performance and durability... an oceanic gem honed to perfection by so many years of cruising the Pacific. Of the countless hundreds of yachts I've delivered the world over, she stands out among the very best of them!”

~ Bj Caldwell | www.bjcaldwell.com


About Shanachie’s Name

Shanachie (we say “SHAH'-nah-kee”) comes from a name given to the well-known wandering storyteller found in traditional Irish culture. In days past when life was slower and simpler (though probably not easier), the shanachie wandered the countryside, bringing stories, poems, legends, gossip, information, and even updated geneologies—all memorized—which could usually be exchanged for a meal, a night’s accommodation, and a wee dram or two. The shanachie was often a village’s first source of news from the outside world, long before any modern communication devices existed.

Like many other descendants of long-ago European immigrants, we McKeowns (and a McNiel) feel a special connection with that bit of Irish in us. So, with a wink and a nod of tribute to that fascinating Irish traveler, we’ve named our wandering sailboat Shanachie. (Some say we’ve also acquired the shanachie's gift of blarney—it’s surely an essential art in the world of wanderers, and we’ve no doubt learned to speak it from the best of ’em!).


Shanachie anchored off the Santa Cruz wharf, with logo in the sky
Shanachie anchored off the Santa Cruz wharf, with logo in the sky